CONNECT Magazine (2022)

In 2022 a selection of 10 of my photos from life in Hokkaido, Japan was published in the CONNECT Magazine. You can see the full collection here.

Geraldton Newspapers (2015 – 2017)

With three papers to print a week, plus a quarterly magazine, Geraldton Newspapers has a constant need for quality photography. In the course of my employment the efficiency of my work has vastly improved as well as my technical mastery of camera use.

Snorri Program (2015)

After living in North America I was given the chance to research the history of my immigrant family through a cultural exchange program to Iceland. As part of this program participants were expected to produce photographic and written content which could be used by the Icelandic-Canadian community, and as a way to engage with the cultural exchange. Some of this content was then published in the Icelandic-Canadian newspaper Lögberg-Heimskringla and as marketing material on the Snorri Program website.

Ryerson Eyeopener (2015)

While I had originally travelled to Toronto hoping to take up radio journalism, due to some unfortunately timed staff cuts the radio faculty wasn’t available to exchange students. The photojournalism courses that replaced them, lead by veteran photojournalist Peter Bregg, and my subsequent contributions to the Ryerson Eyeopener were extremely helpful in developing my photography skills – both for news and feature.

Ryerson Student Learning Centre Exhibit (2015)

With Ryerson University finally opening the doors on its expensive, multi-year construction project there was a call to produce an exhibit of photos which would show the new facility in use, with the dual purpose of creating an attractive visual feature for the new building and demonstrating its value. Four of my photos were selected for display in this exhibit.